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    What about the debt and deficit?


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    What about the debt and deficit?

    Post by SoxIlliniRob on Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:31 am

    Ok, so we have Repub majorities across Congress and a GOP president.  After listening to a decade of hair on fire screaming about the deficits and the debts and fiscal responsibility, when do the Repubs in Congress write the bills that will cut the spending that will fix the debt and the deficit?  I think they can do it with a simple majority by way of using Reconciliation as a means to avoid any filibuster from the left.  How come this hasn't been mentioned in 8-9 months of Trump presidency?  I thought this was a huge deal.  
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    Re: What about the debt and deficit?

    Post by sharpy on Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:01 pm

    I thought this was a huge deal.

    It's a YUGE deal ..get it straight. And where ya been? Trump has signed numerous bills - the deficit is now gone, in fact, there's a yuge surplus. In addition, in case you've been to tied up with your kids, ISIS is done - he ended up getting rid of them in less than the promised 30 days, and in case you don't get the Trib or the Sun-Times, you probably haven't noticed that Englewood, South Shore and Kenwood/hyde park has been transformed to the equivalent of Beverly Hills, San Diego and the Riviera. 

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