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    Interesting article on Fox


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    Interesting article on Fox Empty Interesting article on Fox

    Post by alohafri on Mon Nov 12, 2018 6:19 pm

    If you can't access the article, here is an interesting part that pretty much sums up its typical viewer.

    Inside the main studio, Baier and MacCallum played it straight. They left it to Laura Ingraham , who has mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg and compared immigrant detention facilities to "summer camp," to argue that Trump deserved more credit for helping Republicans maintain control of the Senate.
    There were moments in the evening when it felt as if Ingraham might have been more comfortable cheering outside, alongside Aimee Cabo and her husband. They were visiting from Miami. Cabo enthused about Trump rallies, "I love watching them," she said. Cabo added that she also loved parts but not all of Fox News.
    "I love 'Fox & Friends' and anything after 5 p.m.," Cabo said. "Anything in between, they are more Democrat than Republican."
    Yes, if you don't toe the "I love Trump" line, you are obviously a Democrat.

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