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    Aly Raisman et al

    Post by blondy28 on Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:31 pm

    The victim impact statements at the sentencing of Larry Nassar is so powerful.  Those girls are incredibly brave.  That "man" is deplorable.  Digusting.  I can't believe he actually had the gall to send a letter to the judge asking her to stop the statements because it was having an effect on his mental health.  Is he serious?  There are at least 100 victims speaking.  I can't even imagine how many victims he had.  And the cover-up is far-too-common.   Something tells me when that weasel goes to prison, he's going to get his ass kicked.  

    In other scumbag news, Aloha, looks like the Illinois Supreme Court has again made the wrong decision in the Drew Peterson case.

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