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The Music of Hamilton piano recital


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The Music of Hamilton piano recital

Post by SoxIlliniRob on Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:43 pm

I haven't made much of a point of bringing it up here, but Hamilton (the musical) is easily and by far my most favorite piece of art of any type of my entire lifetime.  The whole damn thing...the lyrics, the music, the genius of it all.  Just a personal preference.  I'd choose it over any movie, musical, concert, album, play, anything I've ever seen.  Probably makes me an elitist or something, but that's cool.  

Thought I'd include a couple of links to my boys playing a couple of the songs in rehearsal for their piano recital this Friday.

First one is my youngest, Zen.  Turns 11 tomorrow.
Playing Dear Theodosia

Next is my middle son, Zane.  He's 14 and 1/2
Playing You'll Be Back

Enjoy.  We've loved listening to this being played in our house for the last many months.
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